fileFormat.Words Tables

Hi all,
there is this blog entry
How to Make a Table in Word Files using FileFormat.Words
Where can I find a version of fileFormat.words supporting all these objects referenced here, especially borders in tables?
I am even very interested to have frames supported in paragraphs. Is there a way to get a quick start to enhance IElements myself?
Kind regards, Michael

@mcjanke ,

FileFormat.words source code is available on Github and you can refer to it for contributing towards it.

@mcjanke ,

Your referenced blog article contains the example for using FileFormat.Words for .NET 23.8.0. This version can be installed from nuget: NuGet Gallery | FileFormat.Words 23.8.0 and its source code is available on GitHub: Release v23.8.0 · fileformat-words/FileFormat.Words-for-.NET · GitHub and even its archived as

However, Starting 23.10.0, the architecture was revised considerably to separate FileFormat.Words objects from underlying OpenXML objects and all FileFormat.Words objects are under FileFormat.Words.IElements namespace. The code examples to use latest APIs starting 23.10.0 can be found in the form of gists here: fileformat-words-gists’s gists · GitHub