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Native Americans Religions

The article Native Americans Religions by Lawrence E. Sullivan was published last on December 20th, 2021. The article talks about how the Native Americans in the north never really saw religion as their way of living life. The native americans were more spiritual rather than focussing on religions. They felt like in a way the traditional way that they lived their life had nothing to do with the concept of religion. The Native Americnas in the North felt like it was impossible to translate the term “religion” in their own language. I feel like back then religion was a controversial topic. In the article Lawrence talks about how the Western tradition differentiates religious thought and action to which the ultimate authority is supernatural. This article goes on to explain what religion means to the Native Americans and the different way that they perceive it. In the Native Americans eyes spirit and power moves in all things. They see religion as the relationship between the living and other things or persons however they might see them. This article that Lawrence wrote is relevant to this course because she talks about how the Native Americans viewed religion. She brings in spiritual ways that the Native Americans believed in and explained overall how religion wasn’t really a part of how they lived their life.